Walking.. An Easy But Fabulous Exercise.. See The Listed Benefits.. ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

By Anika Khara

Whatโ€™s so special about walking? Nothing special. Itโ€™s just a simple way, say an aerobic exercise, of keeping your body and mind fit, keeping you fresh and lively for long hours. I used to see a lot of youngsters and aged ones walking on the streets and grounds, taking care of their body in a fine manner. Walking is gaining momentum among people of all age groups, earlier this was not the case. Now people are becoming more aware of this. We need to walk at least 30 minutes daily, try to walk daily in the morning. You can fix morning or evening time. A walk gives us a lot of energy to move on the remaining part of the day in an active manner.

According to studies, people who walk have less body fat than those who donโ€™t walk. Letโ€™s have a look at 6 benefits of walking.

1. Walk for your heart:

Regular walking reduces the risk of heart ailments. It can lower the levels of bad cholesterol and increase the levels of good cholesterol. Chances for a stroke will also be less. You can control high blood pressure with a 30-minute walk regularly.

2. Good for osteoporosis:

Having regular walk can stop the loss of bone mass for patients with osteoporosis. For women, post-menopause, daily walk for 30 minutes reduces the risk of hip fractures to a large extent.

3. Walk to burn weight:

Walk 2 miles per hour for 30 minutes, you will be able to reduce 75 calories of weight. Itโ€™s a fantastic yet simple exercise to burn your calories in an effective manner. Donโ€™t bother about the possibilities of being an overweight, if you walk regularly.

4. Walk to strengthen muscle:

Regular walking makes your leg and abdominal muscles strong.

5. Walk for a sound sleep:

Those are lucky who have a sound sleep. Sleepless nights are becoming a big problem for many. Regular one-hour morning walk gives men and women sound sleep in the night. Some studies prove that women who walk are more likely to relieve insomnia than women who donโ€™t have the habit of walking.

6. Walk for happiness:

Walking matters a lot for this one reason, happiness. A fresh money walk is grand enough to change your mood. It can bring out positive energy. Itโ€™s a great anti-depression strategy. It can reduce stress and anxiety. If you want to be positive, no second thought, start walking.

Any kind of Exercise is very important to have a happy and healthy living..

But if we cannot find time to go to gym or yoga classes.. we can always opt for walking as its the easiest way to have a workout for our mind and body..

Keep in mind alwaysss..

We all need to give our body the gift of Exercise..


Anika khara
Image and Fashion Consultant / Nutritionist / Branding & Corporate Trainer
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Published by Anika Khara

After a successful career in Human Resource Management, Project management, Fashion Designing..ย  Anika Khara took her love of people and fashion to the forefront of her work. ย Image And Fashion Consultant, transformational coach and corporate trainer has been an indispensable resource in helping people dramatically increase their executive presence, image impact, knowledge of etiquette and manners, improve their business and social skills, maximize their communication skills and leadership excellence. Her areas of expertise include leadership, personal branding, image consulting, executive presence, business and social etiquette, manners, ambassadorship skills, speech โ€“ media coaching and magnetic communication skills. She has won many awards in the 5 years of her journey as An Image And Fashion Consultant.. She Helps You In creating your own Brand..

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