By Anika Khara Over the last few years, beauty tools have been all the hype for skincare enthusiasts – and rightfully so. Before, these devices used to belong at the facialist or at your dermatologist’s office, but now their at-home accessibility has gained more and more traction. With the latest advances in technology our complexionsContinue reading “LATEST TOOLS FOR SKINCARE💖💖”

Self Care-Set Yourself Up For A Successful Week🌸

Tips To Set Yourself For A Successful Week  By Anika Khara We’ve recently addressed the importance of self-care to boost your career but self-care extends to anyone, career or not.  A balanced mind, body and spirit will make you more productive, help you focus and can impact your ability to be innovative. Self-care shouldn’t solely be a partContinue reading “Self Care-Set Yourself Up For A Successful Week🌸”

Overcoming Failure.. 🌸👍

By Anika Khara 9 Ways To Overcome Failures We all experience setbacks or obstacles in our personal and business lives, however it’s what we learn from our setbacks and failures that really propels us forward.  While some leaders have the stamina and resilience to just pick up the pieces and move on after a failure, others findContinue reading “Overcoming Failure.. 🌸👍”

“AASHION” By Anika Khara ( Image and Fashion Consultant / Nutritionist / Trainer)

Anika Khara offers you Personalized Image Makeovers for all levels of corporate, academic, and creative individuals. We study the Company Image, Personality and Visual Resume of Corporate, Entrepreneurs and Students respectively. Through our systematic working approach, we gather the resources required to help you to project an appealing image and create meaningful associations. IMAGE CONSULTINGContinue reading ““AASHION” By Anika Khara ( Image and Fashion Consultant / Nutritionist / Trainer)”