Insomnia? Sleep In 60 Seconds From Simply Breathing.

If you’re an insomniac, these words will shockingly resonate with you. Most people believe it’s the grogginess and debilitating fatigue of the day that insomniacs abhor. But the truth, my friends, is that most insomniacs dread those dark, solitary hours past midnight, when that all-consuming thirst for sleep holds you enslaved. When your mental math skills excruciatingly improve, when the ticking of the clock becomes the background music of your very own living nightmare, and when you slowly slip into temporary insanity. Yikes.

One in 10 adults is plagued with chronic insomnia. Every year, 20 million people additionally suffer from occasional sleep difficulties or acute insomnia, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Yet, we still haven’t answered the most pressing questions regarding this condition. Scientists are, till date, debating the exact mechanisms and physiology of sleep, as well as why sleep is so unattainable to seemingly healthy individuals. The treatments in terms of reliability for insomnia are scarce. Meanwhile, medical journals persistently lecture on the associations between bad sleeping habits and diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

But There Is A Possible, Wonderful Solution

There exists a simple breathing technique, which some claim is almost magical in terms of its impact on your health and sleeping patterns. It’s called the 4-7-8 breathing exercise, the ‘Relaxing Breath,’ and it can allegedly help you go to sleep in just 1 minute by only inhaling and exhaling. No pills, no sheep counting, and no voodoo magic. Sleep in 60 seconds from simply breathing. Mind blown yet?
This amazing breathing technique was founded by a Harvard-trained medical physician, Dr. Andrew Weil. He says that this technique could potentially lower your blood pressure, slow your heartbeat, and place your body in a wonderfully calm and relaxed state. His method is actually inspired by an ancient yoga form practiced in India called Pranayama, meaning regulation of breath.

So, What Do I Need To Do?

Sleep is at your fingertips – all you need to do is practice this simple technique:

Place your tongue’s tip on the ridge of tissue right over your front upper teeth. Ensure that you hold your tongue in this exact spot throughout the exercise.

Exhale entirely through the mouth, enacting a ‘whoosh’ sound.

Now, close your lips and proceed to inhale deeply through your nose quietly. Make a mental count till 4.

Hold your breath for a mental count of 7.

Then, exhale fully through your mouth, once again making that whooshing sound for a count of 8.

This was one entire breath. Inhale once more and then proceed to repeat this exercise thrice more. In total, you will be performing 4 breaths.

Going through the technique outlined above, you may have noticed a mental pattern of 4-7-8. This breathing technique fundamentally changes your anxiety-driven breathing pattern.

When you’re stressed out, you tend to take shallow breaths that don’t properly oxygenate your blood. Described as “a natural tranquilizer for your nervous system,” this technique promotes a quicker carbon dioxide eviction from your blood, which helps to preserve your bicarbonate pool better, thereby allowing your body to maintain a proper pH balance.

Despite your self-depreciating humor and the very entertaining memes on the Internet, insomnia in any form – acute or chronic – is not an issue to be dismissed. You don’t need to brave those ‘lengthy, dark hours of the night’ till your warped thoughts get the best of you. This technique could very well be the solution to your sleep problems. However, if the problem persists, it is best to consult a specialist for proper diagnosis and further treatment.

Hope this blog will be useful.

Anika Khara🌷🌷

Diwali Looks 👑⭐… 10 killer Ideas I Personally Love for Diwali Style ..🌸💕⭐⭐⭐

Hi, Presenting some of my Favorite Fashion Ideas For The Coming Festive Season .. Hope It Helps Everyone to decide what they can wear or even find some ideas ..

Look 1.. The Beauty Of Playing With Style and Accessories … This Is Pure Festive and stylish look one can create .. Personally I love the jewelry and the beauty of a full sleeve blouse is my weak point too..
Look 2.. All Black Lehenga with just Big Pair of Fabulous Earrings … Black is my favorite color and it not only makes a person look slimmer but even makes the person glow..
Look 3.. The Classy Slik Saree with just one fabulous Choker.. Silk Sarees are magic in their own way and it does not need any validity..
Look 4.. The Indo Western Way of putting together a plain saree with an overcoat or even a classy Blazer with just one statement pair of jewelry..
Look 5 .. The Beauty Of One Color and If Thats White, it can never go wrong..
Look 6.. Red … This color defines Festivities and just a simple lehenga with just gold embroidery does the magic.. Paired with perfect jhumkas ..
Look 7.. The Mix and Match … Bringing together a simple kurti with your festive lehenga can do the magic with again heavy pair of earrings..
Look 8.. Glitter Saree … Glitter sarees are available in all colors and yes they look amazing .. They shud be paired with just one statement piece of diamond jewelry…
Look 9.. The Purely Ethnic Look .. Perfect Traditional silk saree with traditional temple jewelry and some flowers.. This is The Pure Perfect Traditional look and This can never go wrong as it brings out the beauty of an Indian women..
Look 10.. The Simple, Stylish and yet Festive look .. Properly fitted kurti set made of silk or brocade… With some classy heels and heavy accessories.. Color Matter a lot so go for some festive colors always..

Hope You Liked This Blog.

Anika khara 💕💕

Style Your Personality… Few Steps To Develop Your Clothing Style👗🛍👠💄.. Anika Khara 💕💕

When we are young girls most of us prefer to conform when it comes to fashion. It’s very common to see groups of teens out all wearing a ‘uniform’ – same style jeans, same style top etc. etc.


I’m sure we can all remember the stares, whispers and giggles aimed at the teenager who dared to be different in her dress style. As we mature, we realise what that girl actually had done – she had found her personal sense of style and owned it.  The best dressed women (and men) completely own their individual clothing personality. Celebrities employ stylists to create and maintain their style personality. They become famous for their dress style. BUT… It’s so much more than just buying the latest fashion. Style is something we create for ourselves by knowing what we like and what we don’t, what we find comfortable and what we don’t and much more…

Do you find you feel more comfortable in certain items in your wardrobe but others, for no apparent reason, make you feel like your wearing someone else’s clothes? When you wear something outside of your natural leaning, you’ll feel uncomfortable, no matter how good you look. To find and then develop your clothing style personality, here’s a few steps:

1. Know yourself. The way you dress should reflect who you are – your likes, your interests, where you’ve come from and where you want to go. First impressions count, so show people who you are.

2. Get some inspiration. When you are watching movies, TV or surfing the net take note if you see an outfit that really appeals and ‘jumps out’ at you. I regularly hear from my clients names of celebrities or models names..                 Create a “My Style” board on pinterest and follow pinners and boards that have similar tastes to you.

3. Know your proportions. Knowing your body shape both vertically and horizontally, and the accompanying ‘rules’ of what to wear and what to avoid is an imperative part of being well dressed. I recommend that you use a Personal Stylist like me to help you – from my own experience, most women have the wrong idea of their body shape.

4. Find out which colours suit you best. Not just those that physically suit you, but those that also suit your personality.

5. Don’t let your friends influence you. How they dress is their own style. You need to make independent selections based on who you are and how you want others to see you.

6. Clear out the clothes cluttering your style. So you bought a hideously expensive jacket with tassels or anything which is just lying in your wardrobe. Never worn it. It doesn’t match any of your other mostly classic and elegant clothes. Get rid of it. Get. Rid. Of. It.

7. Practice. Remember when you were a little girl and played dress ups? Spend an afternoon having fun with your clothes. Put together new outfits and take apart ‘worn to death’ outfits. Mixing, matching and accessorising will lead you to exciting new combinations without spending a cent.  

8. Have a signature piece.  Own a Signature for your personality like Sunglass style, red lips style, open hair style, ethnic style, accessorize Style or anything which defines you…. Do I Need To say more?

“Style is a way of saying who you are, without having to speak”.

Hope The Blog would be useful, for sessions contact me ..

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DO YOU VALUE YOURSELF💕💕 ( 7 signs That Show You Know Your Value And Worth )

Knowing Your Value is An Emotional subject, and when I ask this question people are often confused as to how to answer. It is easy to identify when you don’t feel valued, respected, or appreciated, but knowing your value is somewhat different.

But what exactly is knowing your value? Is it having a positive self-esteem? Is it knowing your worth and being able to identify all of your positive qualities? I’m not sure.

In my view, knowing your value and self-worth are inextricably linked. Self-worth is defined as “the sense of one’s own value or worth as a person.” I think that is one part of it, but the other aspect is being able to understand how much of a difference you have made in any given situation with the contribution you have made.

In this blog, I would like to outline seven things that can indicate you know your value:

Self-Worth Value

1: You have positive self-esteem.

You believe in and like yourself. Self-esteem is confidence in one’s own worth or abilities. You are comfortable with who you are — your weight, height, and everything that makes and represents you. You are confident in the work you deliver and your sense of professionalism. You like and have a great relationship with people. I think that without positive self-esteem it would be difficult to know your value.

2: You recognise the difference you make.

When you know your value, you will confidently approach a negotiation with full belief in your knowledge, skills, and experience and the difference you can make.

There can be a situation when you’re the main carer for a disabled or elderly relative and your presence and support is invaluable.

3: You see yourself as a peer.

In any given situation, knowing your value means feeling that you are an equal with anyone you interact with: clients, bosses, colleagues, or friends. You are not a supplicant. Nor do you feel privileged to be with someone or to work in a particular type of organisation. You have a personal sense of value and deservedness and assert yourself as an equal in personal and business relationships.

4: You do not undercharge for your services.

Quite often out of fear of losing business or the desire to win more business, people will undercharge for their services. This is a classic situation where they end up doing much more than they’re paid to do. But, somehow, in a desire to prove themselves, these people still feel that they are not doing enough in relation to how much they are being paid.

5:You are clear about your values.

You know your boundaries. You are clear about what is acceptable behavior, how you like to be treated and spoken to, and you have the courage to speak out when necessary. You don’t need external validation to prove your value — instead, you have an internal compass of what is right and wrong.

6: You are engaged in work that is exciting and fulfilling.

When you are involved in work that is fulfilling as well as financially rewarding, you are more inclined to work with even greater commitment. I believe that when you love what you do, you are prepared to do more and to become more.

It’s Very Important To Love Yourself And More Than Thing Value Your Life And Thank God For Making You Healthy Which Indeed Is The Most Important Thing According To Me Atleast..



Anika Khara


Killing STRESS…Stop Being In Stress By Doing These FREE Things..💕❤

How many times a day have you thought to yourself, “I’m so stressed!” Or even “I don’t need this stress!” Chances are, you’ve probably said one of these things at least once in the past week — maybe even sometime today. So, what are you doing to reduce stress?

If stress seems to be your best friend, no worries. I have 4 free things you can do right now to reduce stress immediately and in the long-term…


Our brains amongst other organs is one of the hardest working organs we have. Because it works so hard, we are constantly thinking even if we don’t realize it. Some of our thoughts can actually build more anxiety and stress subliminally. In the back of our minds, we may be dwelling on a past argument we’ve had with a friend or family or even any kind of work stress.

Journalling or writing doesn’t always have to be boring but instead can offer a path of clarity for those of us who can’t shake the stress away. Your goal is to free up some space in your head so writing it out is a perfect option. Some of the prompts you can use are:

What do you need more of in life?

What things set your soul on fire?

What are some limiting beliefs you have that’s holding you back from your best life?

Of course, you can write just about anything that’s been bothering. Our goal is to destress and let go of the anxiety that’s been built up in your head. 


Our space is usually a reflection of our mind and lifestyle in some manner. If you are living in a cluttered space or working in a congested environment stress may be knocking at your door. We may not realize it but giving your space a good clean can alleviate some of the worries you may be experiencing. 

I know, it may sound a bit crazy, but trust me!

“A clean space, brings a happy face!”

Cleaning also offers your brain a break from ruminating on troubling thoughts.


Nothing kicks anxiety or stress in the butt like a good laugh. When we laugh we give ourselves a quick endorphin boost. Endorphins give you the feeling of happiness that is sure to combat feelings of somber.

A quick search on Netflix for “funny movies” will surely help you when it comes to de-stressing with a good laugh. 

4. HAVE A Get-together.

Last but not least, Enjoy! And yes Dance it off..

Who cares if you don’t know how to keep a beat or the latest moves to the newest line dances! Dancing is a form of expression and this also offers a quick release of endorphins. Exercising is essential when it comes to de-stressing but most times exercises are mundane.

So why not dance it out!?

Dancing requires you to move every muscle in your body and it sends a quick jolt of positive energy through your mind.

Positive vibes are truly needed when you can’t seem to let go of anxiety and reduce stress. You don’t have to have shoes to dance, or a fancy outfit. Dancing only requires you to move and feel the energy music provides.

So whether you are in your car, or in your living room, turn on some good tunes and shake yourself loose!

Nothing is permanent remember that, so why stress over something which will not stay for long, and also remember that any kind of emotion is basically a mindset and irs in our hands to change it anytime ..

Hope this blog will be helpful.

Love Anika Khara 💖💖

Conducting Great Virtual Meeting .. The New Way Of Working ..(Work From Home)👩‍💻⭐👍

Virtual meetings don’t have to be seen as a waste of time. In fact, they can be more valuable than traditional face-to-face meetings. Beyond the fact that they’re inexpensive ways to get people together. Think….no travel costs and readily available technology, they’re also great opportunities to build engagement, trust and candor among teams.

Virtual meetings have become increasingly popular in the recent pandemic, something which is only set to continue surely. Online meetings are cost-effective, easy to set up, and keep you connected to colleagues and business partners around the world. Whether you’re at home or in a different office location, you never need to miss an important business meeting. 

But when you connect to a virtual meeting, do you know the etiquette required for meetings online? Virtual meetings can be an etiquette minefield–read on to discover the unwritten rules of virtual conferencing. 

1. Wear appropriate clothes

Just like you wouldn’t show up to an office meeting with pj’s on, you should dress appropriately for a virtual conference. Dress as you would in the office conference room. It’ll help you stay focused and in “work” mode, even if you’re miles away at home. It’s still a work meeting and you should treat it that way. You can put the pj’s back on when the camera stops rolling.

2. A professional setting is good etiquette

You don’t need to be at your office desk to look professional, but your co-workers don’t need to see your messy bedroom or kid’s toys everywhere. Whether you’re in a comfortable chair in the lounge, or sitting at a kitchen worktop, pick a location with plenty of light and a neutral background. 

3. Limit meeting distractions 

Just like there wouldn’t be dogs barking or kids crying in a regular conference room, you should do your best to keep background noise to a minimum during an online meeting. You don’t want your co-workers–or worse, potential business partners–struggling to follow what you’re saying because they can’t hear you over background noise. Make sure others around you know that you’re working so they respect your space. 

4. Learn how to mute your microphone 

When you’re not talking, it’s best to mute your microphone. This is especially important if you’re joining the call from somewhere with unavoidable background noise, such as a cafe or airport. Your co-workers don’t need to hear you chewing or tapping on your keyboard–noises which fade into the background during a traditional meeting are amplified in a virtual setting. Even better, keep food until after the meeting so the other participants aren’t watching you eat the whole time!

5. It’s good etiquette to only invite who’s necessary

Don’t invite participants who won’t be prepared for the meeting or who don’t need to be there. It’s only a waste of everyone’s time, which defeats the purpose of virtual conferencing. Make sure everyone invited knows who else will be there–just like you wouldn’t call on people to sit in during a traditional meeting, you shouldn’t make surprise invitations during an online one. 

6. Give a virtual meeting your full attention 

Although it’s tempting to check your emails, phone or go through papers when you’re not speaking, there’s a good chance you’ll miss key information, not to mention it’s disrespectful. Use attentive body language and communication and be present for the meeting. You’ll get so much more out of the conference if you distance yourself from distractions that can wait until later. 

7. Making sure everyone can access the online meeting is good etiquette

It sounds simple, but it’s worth stating clearly–if you’re inviting someone to an online meeting, it’s critical that they have access to the right hardware and software to join in. If someone only has access to audio conferencing or doesn’t have access to a program, you need to know this ahead of time to structure the meeting accordingly. Make sure you announce meetings with plenty of notice so participants can download or acquire what they need to participate. 

8. Set effective goals and agendas 

Just like a regular meeting, virtual conferences can get off-track if there’s no clear structure or if there are too many issues to discuss in the time allocated. Aim to circulate an agenda before the meeting so that everyone’s familiar with what you’ll discuss. This gives everyone a chance to formulate their own ideas and contributions. 

You should also circulate minutes, or a summary, following the meeting, so that participants have something to reflect on following the conference. This gives everyone a chance to ask any clarifying questions and prepare for any follow-up meetings. 

9. Speak clearly and use good manners

There’s nothing worse than someone talking over you during a regular meeting, and it’s the same in the virtual world. 

Announce yourself when you sign in to the meeting, but only during a pause when no one else is speaking.

When it’s your turn to talk, speak clearly and slowly enough for everyone to follow what you’re saying. Remember that sound quality is very important in this medium.

Although there may be unavoidable lags due to slower connections, try to ensure no one speaks over anyone else. 

10. Be prepared for technical difficulties 

It’s impossible to prepare for every eventuality, but you should log on to the meeting in good time to make sure everything’s working properly. Make sure the connection is stable and that you have a backup plan if necessary. Just like in a regular meeting, ensure you have access to all of the resources you will need, such as related data.

We should all accept that virtual meetings are a gud way to connect in this Hard Time.. Plus we learn a lot in regards to new technologies and software.

Hope this blog will be helpful.

Anika Khara 💓💓

Let’s Burst Some Myths💭 Plus DO’S and DON’TS during the CoVID – 19.💊💭👍

A pandemic is a disease that has spread across a large region, for instance multiple continents, or worldwide.  

COVID-19 is the name of the respiratory illness caused by the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2.


There are certain medicines which can help in preventing an infection. These medicines are listed after a thorough study of the symptoms of the patients who suffered from coronavirus across the globe. Different physicians recommend different medicines; hence I strongly recommend that instead of self-medication, do talk to your doctor before consuming them.

Taking care of urself and the people around you is the best thing we can do. Boosting our immunity system is the most important. Leading a healthy and good lifestyle can even help. Plus, being aware of the current situation and staying home can not only help us but others too.


1. Spraying chlorine or alcohol on skin kills viruses in the body

It can cause harm if it enters the eyes or mouth. You can use these chemicals to disinfect surfaces, but do not use them on your skin. These products cannot kill viruses within the body.

2. Only older adults and young people are at risk

Coronavirus can infect people of any age. Older individuals with preexisting health conditions, such as diabetes or asthma, are more likely to become severely ill.

3. COVID-19 is just like the flu

Coronavirus causes illness that has flu-like symptoms – aches, fever, and cough. Both COVID-19 and flu can be mild, severe, or, in rare cases, fatal. Both can also lead to pneumonia.

4. Everyone with COVID-19 dies

This statement is untrue. In a recent report, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention concluded that 80.9% of COVID-19 cases were mild.

5. Face masks protect against coronavirus

Healthcare workers use professional face masks, which fit tightly around the face, to protect them against infection. However, disposable face masks are unlikely to provide such protection. As these masks do not fit neatly against the face, droplets can still enter mouth and nose. Also, if someone has a respiratory illness, wearing a mask can help protect others from becoming infected. Also, when using a mask, it is important to use and dispose of it properly.

6. You can protect yourself by gargling bleach

There are no circumstances in which gargling bleach might benefit your health. Bleach is corrosive and can cause serious damage.

7. Antibiotics kill coronavirus

Antibiotics only kill bacteria; they do not kill viruses.

8. Home remedies can cure and protect against COVID-19

No home remedies can protect against COVID-19, including vitamin C, essential oils, silver colloid, sesame oil, garlic, and sipping water every 15 minutes. The best approach is to adopt a good hand washing regimen and to avoid places where there may be unwell people.

9. Coronavirus is the deadliest virus known to man

Although Coronavirus does appear to be more serious than influenza, it is not the deadliest virus that people have faced. Others, such as Ebola, have higher mortality rates.


Since the outbreak has turned out to be devastating, everyone would wonder what happens if one has the virus and how it is being treated without any vaccine. Well, here are some frequently asked questions that will give you an insight into the current treatment offered for COVID-19. 

1. How do you get tested for coronavirus?

A doctor will first check if you have the prevailing symptoms of COVID-19. This includes an in-depth examination of your throat swab and nasal swab to check for infection. The doctor will retrieve samples of the infection and if the tests turn out to be positive, you will be quarantined for at least 14 days until recovery. 

2. Should I wear a mask every time, everywhere?

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), it is advised that you wear a mask only if you are diagnosed with coronavirus or looking after a person suffering from it. Also, wear a mask if you are coughing or sneezing. Also wear it if you are going out to places with more crowds.

3. What to do if I want to get tested for COVID-19? 

You can visit the nearest hospital or call the Union Health Ministry (011-23978046). You can also email and government health officials will visit you immediately. If the infection is high, you will be transported to a designated government hospital for a test. The Govt. has allocated certain ambulances for transporting such cases.

4. Will I get coronavirus after recovering from it?

There were a few cases reported that people who had recovered from COVID-19 had once again fallen ill.  However, it is unclear if this virus can turn into another even after recovery. 

5. Can higher immunity prevent you from COVID-19? 

A stronger immune system can prevent you from being affected. According to the WHO two groups of people such as older people and those with chronic illnesses are more likely to get affected because of their weekend immune system. This goes for kids from the age of 4 to 18. 

Remember to practice good hygiene and wash your hands regularly. The best way to prevent this deadly virus is by staying indoors and avoiding being in crowded places. Live Safe, Stay Healthy!

Let’s be positive and hopeful.. (The Info Provided is in regards to WHO and Medlife portals)

Anika Khara 💓💓


Although mental health is a fundamental component of health, recognition of mental disorders and awareness about its importance is limited. Stigma and lack of understanding about mental disorders are major barriers to seeking help and promoting better mental health. Increasing understanding and overcoming stigma through strategic communications and social mobilization are crucial steps towards strengthening mental health programmes.

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.

Over the course of your life, if you experience mental health problems, your thinking, mood, and behavior could be affected. Many factors contribute to mental health problems, including:

  • Biological factors, such as genes or brain chemistry
  • Life experiences, such as trauma or abuse
  • Family history of mental health problems

Mental health problems are common but help is available. People with mental health problems can get better and many recover completely.

Early Warning Signs

Not sure if you or someone you know is living with mental health problems? Experiencing one or more of the following feelings or behaviors can be an early warning sign of a problem:

  • Eating or sleeping too much or too little
  • Pulling away from people and usual activities
  • Having low or no energy
  • Feeling numb or like nothing matters
  • Having unexplained aches and pains
  • Feeling helpless or hopeless
  • Smoking, drinking, or using drugs more than usual
  • Feeling unusually confused, forgetful, on edge, angry, upset, worried, or scared
  • Yelling or fighting with family and friends
  • Experiencing severe mood swings that cause problems in relationships
  • Having persistent thoughts and memories you can’t get out of your head
  • Hearing voices or believing things that are not true
  • Thinking of harming yourself or others
  • Inability to perform daily tasks like taking care of your kids or getting to work or school.

Mental Health and Wellness

Positive mental health allows people to:

  • Realize their full potential
  • Cope with the stresses of life
  • Work productively
  • Make meaningful contributions to their communities

Ways to maintain positive mental health include:

  • Getting professional help if you need it
  • Talking to someone
  • Understanding that this state is normal and can be ok
  • Connecting with others
  • Staying positive
  • Getting physically active
  • Helping others
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Developing coping skills

A mental illness is a physical illness of the brain that causes disturbances in thinking, behavior, energy or emotion that make it difficult to cope with the ordinary demands of life. Research is starting to uncover the complicated causes of these diseases which can include genetics, brain chemistry, brain structure, experiencing trauma and/or having another medical condition, like heart disease.

The two most common mental health conditions are:

Anxiety Disorders – More than 18% of adults each year struggle with some type of anxiety disorder, including (PTSD), (OCD), (panic attacks), generalised anxiety disorders and specific phobias.

Mood Disorders – Mood disorders, such as depression and bipolar depression, affect nearly 10% of adults each year and are characterized by difficulties in regulating one’s mood.


It’s very much curable like any other problem with the correct attention and love… It’s very important to not make a big deal if it infront of the person. All they need is to be understood and treated in the most normal way and let them take their own sweet time to overcome it.


Be Kind to Your Mind💓

Hope this blog will be helpful..

Anika Khara 💓💓💓💓

Some Productive Things You Can Do In This #COVID19 Phase. 👩‍💻⭐😊

You’re at home, or in quarantine, and need to keep yourself active and productive. Here are 9 activities that you’ll be glad you did when it all gets back to normal.

For many, this lockdown period has given us more time on our hands than we’ve ever had. Time which we never thought we would have.

This free time presents us with opportunities to do things which we’ve always wanted to do or like to do more of depending on our individual circumstances. I think it makes sense for us to be productive with this time and do things that are meaningful to us.

Here are some productive activities which you can undertake.

1. Set up a workout routine

How long have we all been looking to begin this activity? If you work out regularly, you will know that the key to a successful and consistent workout regime is routine. And I don’t need to tell you about the benefits of working out and keeping fit. Can you get your hands on some basic gym accessories? You actually don’t even need such equipment if you follow some of the workout videos available on YouTube.

2. Take Care Of Yourself

Yes, use this time to take care of your health mentally and physically. Get into at home skin and haircare routine. Start by using some homemade hair masks and skincare packs. Take care of your diet, eat healthy try to make a healthy routine for you and your family.

3. Meditate

It’s important to be mindful of your surroundings as well as your wellbeing whilst in quarantine, and meditation might help you get a bit of peace of mind in times of uncertainty. Find a quiet space, light some candles and clear your mind with some therapeutic meditation music. Meditation is one of the best things you can do right now to relieve stress and improve your wellbeing. 

4. Get artistic

If DIY and gardening are not quite right for you, but you’d like to do something creative? Art and crafts is a great way to express yourself, learn a new skill, and help you see ordinary things in a whole new way and channel your creativity. You can paint canvasses, draw in adult colouring books or even learn fsshion designing. Go a step further in this respect and take up knitting, candle-making, jewellery-making, DIY creative projects you can find on the internet and even learn makeup by the tutorials. Explore the various websites that offer starter kits and ideas on arts and crafts activities you can undertake during this period of increased downtime.

5. Watch a documentary series on Netflix

This activity is a potential trap. Whilst watching a stimulating TV series on Netflix passes time, it can do so in an unproductive manner and you might find yourself binge-watching programmes that won’t really help you in any way, other than waste the free time you have. I’d suggest that, alongside your normal TV watching habits, invest time in watching documentaries and learn about your favourite subjects. You may choose to watch a documentary series on Netflix which you have never taken an interest in before, which is great. The cost of a Netflix subscription is minimal and there are many factual programmes which you can get stuck into during quarantine.

6. Keep a blog/journal

Keeping track of your thoughts, activities and learnings is always a good idea – and a highly productive one at that. You might look back at this time and process your memories or even process your thoughts for the day or the week that has passed. You can do this privately on your computer, mobile or even better in a notebook. Consider going a step further and set up a personal blog that takes those daily experiences and turns them into weekly or monthly posts for others to read and learn from. Either way, putting pen to paper once a day could be 15 minutes well spent.

7. Read that book you’ve been putting off

I like nothing more than immersing myself in a book, concentrating fully on the book, its characters and its storyline without distractions. We have that opportunity now. Books exercise the brain, build our vocabularies, lowers stress and also enhances the imagination. 

8. Keep in touch with family, friends and past colleagues

We’re isolated from the people we usually spend time with but we can be connected with them via more means more than ever before. Make time to catch-up and have a virtual drink with your friends and family. Use the time to speak to relatives that you might not have spoken to in a while. I also feel that reconnecting with past colleagues is a great idea. You would have spent a lot of time with these people in previous roles and might have grown apart as you move on in your career. 

9. Form a routine for your new activities

Finally, and perhaps most importantly… be sure to write down a routine of the activities which you will be doing and trying for the first time on a weekly basis. Stick to your routine and form the habits to keep your working and keep you productive during this lockdown.

Don’t stop there…

These are some of the productive things to do while being stuck at home and in quarantine for anyone in any industry. So get started with some of these activities right away or you can even try whatever you like, but please make the best use of this time.

Yes this is a hard time in many ways but also a time which we can use in the best possible way ..

Hope this blog will be helpful..

Anika Khara 💓💓💓

Power Dressing Importance While We Work From Home.. 👩‍💻⭐👩‍💻

People don’t say “Look Good, Feel Good” for no reason. How you present yourself will impact your working day.

Now, let me be clear here. It doesn’t have to be a ball gown or a structured dress, it truly is about any clothes that make you feel how you WANT to feel when you’re working. Just make sure that you get up, make your bed, wash your face and change into some clothes that make you feel ready for the day.

It doesn’t have to be just clothes, it could be your make-up style, a vibrant lipstick, your favourite accessory, jewellery, a groomed hairstyle or perfume. Anything that allows you to embody that unstoppable version of yourself.

It can be tempting to fall into a uniform of sweatpants and pajamas when working from home for an extended time. And while there’s something to be said for relaxing your style when you don’t need to adhere to an office dress code, some folks actually prefer to get dressed up to maintain a sense of normalcy.

As we are adjusting to working from home while coronavirus spreads across the nation we are working from home and still trying to wear the attire that will influence our mood in a productive and positive way. They’re breaking down the pros and cons of each approach and sharing a few tips for working from home to help you navigate.

In general, most employers won’t care what you’re wearing when you work from home — as long as you get the work done. And besides, taking a few days off that can be good for your mental health, especially during these stressful times.

“We are all going through an unprecedented and stressful time in history,”. “If folks aren’t up for dressing for the cyber world as they would in the office, that is completely understandable. We can cut ourselves some slack if, mentally, we’re just not up for the pomp and circumstance.”

Getting dressed up for work normally helps us go through the motions and prepare for the day ahead, but establishing a new routine can sometimes free up more time and inspire productivity.

“On days when you do not need to interface visually with clients or coworkers, I think wearing your favorite comfortable attire can feel incredibly relaxing and put you in the perfect serene mood to dive in and get a ton of work done with maybe a bit of extra time to meditate or do yoga somewhere in your day”.

You don’t have to wear professional clothes working from home. Just be mindful of how your clothing choices make you feel as a business-woman or man.

Ask yourself if the clothes you are wearing are maximising your productivity, energy and confidence. Is that how you want to feel today? If not, choose a piece from your power clothes and have an instant confidence-boost in your day!

Why not set aside an area in your wardrobe where you store all of your power clothes? A work wardrobe doesn’t have to just be for people who leave the house for work every day. Having these items ready to mix and match will save time in the morning and keep power dressing for success easy! 

The good news is what we wear is 100% within our control, so power dressing is achievable and manageable for everyone, every day. And these principles can also be applied to your workspace too.

“Keeping a routine helps us maintain a sense of control and degree of normality in times when we are feeling a lack of control, which leads to stress and even anxiety,”.

While most of the work from home meetings are either on video or audio calls, Its easy to just put on a nice blazer on anything comfortable too.

Power Dressing is not only for others but it gives a sense of positivity towards our work and even makes us feel energetic.

Hope this blog will be helpful..

Love Anika Khara 💓💓


If you haven’t already joined the 91% (and still growing) businesses that are using social media to benefit their businesses, then unfortunately you’re losing a lot of business. You need to look at the goals and objectives of your business and implement those into social media marketing. Social Media will change everything for your business. Here are 18 ideas to grow your business with Social Media:

1. Stay Ahead of the Curve

First of all, use social media several times a day. Your competitors are already using it. So, stay ahead of the curve by learning and adapting to all the different social media platforms available to you. There are many out there and some of the most popular ones include: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Snap Chat. It’s time to join the business bandwagon!

2. Target Your Audience

When you use social media, you are able to look for specific audiences in order to target potential customers. For example, on Twitter you can join conversations about certain topics to see who is engaging in the conversation. Join the conversation! Follow some other commenters and you will probably gain some followers back, ultimately leading to new customers. Write a post or blog to target your customers. Be sure to put links into your posts and blogs to help direct readers to your website. Once they click on the post, they can easily get to your website to become customers.

3. Be Consistent

It is vital that you are consistent with your social media posts. As you gain an audience, people are expecting to hear from you. You need to give them what they want. Who is your target audience and why? Schedule when and how often you will post to meet potential customer’s needs. Posting 2-3 times a day is best. Even if it something basic, it is building brand awareness and visibility.

4. Interact

You shouldn’t only be posting on Social Media; you must interact with your audience! Engaging with potential customers will let them know that you are a real business that cares about your customers. The more interaction means the more opportunities for your audience to turn into your customers. So, respond to their posts and answer their questions. Show some interest in your audience. Be appreciative of comments they leave on your posts by commenting back and thanking them. Interacting can go a long way.

5. Exclusive Services through Social Media

You can gain a large following by offering exclusive services only available through social media. For example, if you are a florist you could offer a special arrangement for an upcoming holiday at a discounted price through a “follow” on Twitter or with a comment and retweet. Your followers will love the idea of an exclusive deal, and in this case retweeting to their followers will gain you more followers and potential customers.

6. Provide Benefits

Going along the lines of exclusive services, benefiting your customers by providing free giveaways is a sure way to grow your business! If you have a blog, you can give away a free book. If you offer marketing services, you can offer a free trial or even a discount code. People love free! They also love winning contests, so make it fun and engaging and you will definitely gain more customers.

7. Link Your Website

It’s helpful to have a link to your website somewhere on your social media account. In your “About” or “Bio” section is a good place to add a link. That way it is easier for your audience and potential customers to find you. Making it easier on them will help your business in the long run.

8. Include Icons on Your Website

Include your social media icons on your website.

If a customer only knows your business through your website and they see your icons, they will become more engaged with your business. It’s likely they will share your business with their friends on social media, allowing you to gain more customers.

9. Include Icons in Your Emails

Let’s face it. Emails are a big part of our days. By adding your social media icons to your emails, you are bound to gain followers and in turn customers.

10. Optimize

Your social media content must be optimized by using the keywords in your industry. What are people searching for on Google? What words are people using in group conversations that you’ve joined? What words are people searching for on your website? What are the questions and phrases they use to search on Siri, Bixby and Alexa? Know your businesses keywords and phrases and use them often. You don’t have to say the exact same thing every single time. Change the format. Switch the words around. Be creative.

11. Hashtags

Use hashtags whenever possible! One of the best platforms to use hashtags on is Twitter. You can hashtag anything that is relevant to your post or business in general. This will definitely get you followers because anyone else who uses that hashtag or searches that hashtag can see your tweet. Also popular on Instagram, using hashtags helps you grow your followers and puts your business in front of potential customers.

12. Collaborate

Social media platforms are great places to find other businesses to collaborate with. LinkedIn, for example, is a large professional platform that will allow you to share business ideas and find like-minded professionals to work with. All social media channels are great for networking, while keeping an eye on the competition.

13. Share

Share as much as you can on social media. Share your website, your sales, your blog, your ideas, your other social media platforms, etc. The key is to engage and be consistent.

14. Customer Service

Social media is a quick way to respond to customer comments. Your customers who follow you will most likely leave reviews if they have had a great experience or a bad experience. Be sure to thank the grateful customers and be sure to address customer complaints quickly and efficiently! Others will see how you respond and trust will grow.

15. Brand

A strong social media presence will naturally build your brand over time. By posting frequently, you will organically create your tone and build your brand. Adding some personality to your posts will make your brand stand out in your industry, so don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Keep it professional, but light and engaging.

16. Popularity

Social media is incredibly popular. It has become part of our daily lives. Use this popularity to share ideas, sales and information. Don’t try to go against the grain. Just go with it. Join it. Use it. Share it.

17. Free

Again, people love free stuff! And you should too! Social media is a completely free tool to market your business. Spending just 6 hours a week on social media is the best marketing your business can get. Advertising that is Free/? You can’t beat that.

18. Become the Expert

If you sell an item, you can give tricks and tips to keep that item running well. You can give advice on services. Customers are always looking to get information. You can offer that information for free. In doing so, you are building a relationship of trust. You will be the expert they turn to.


I think that by now you can agree that if you want to have a streamlined business or if you want to maximize every dime of your budget, the choice to whether to go with Digital Marketing/E-Commerce or spend money on Location Marketing is simple. Digital Marketing is clearly the smarter choice for your budget and brand’s growth. But either way you decide to go, I wish you and your company much success and longevity.

There are endless ways to use social media to grow your business. These are just 18 of them. It takes dedication and dedication takes time. Set aside 6 hours a week and watch your business grow!

Especially this time is best to use the social media .

Hope this blog will be helpful..

Anika Khara 💓💓


We all secretly admire to have flawless and glowing skin but pollution, diet, water, ultraviolet radiation and other related factors damage our skin. In the end, our skin looks dull and lifeless. Even when we think about summers, the very first thing clicks in our mind are tanned, irritated, dull and dark skin. To get rid of all these problems you can include homemade face scrubs and they will give you glowing skin too. Scrubbing makes your skin look vibrant, youthful and healthy.


There are so many products available in the market which you can use, but every time when we use a new product, one question pops in our mind either it’s good for us or not. So today I will tell you some of the best Homemade face scrubs for glowing skin which we can make easily at home with daily kitchen ingredients. They can be proved Simple but effective DIY Beauty treatments for soft and glowing skin naturally.

These homemade scrubs are my first choice. As to make these homemade scrubs, you are going to use only natural ingredients available in your kitchen. With no side effects, it makes sense to add these homemade scrubs in your beauty routine.


1. Sugar Scrub

One of the simplest recipes we have is sugar scrub which is always available in every single home. Along with sugar we also need Coconut Oil. You can use some essential oils in this Scrub to enhance its benefits, but it’s optional. This natural scrub also reduces inflammation, keeps the skin moisturized and makes skin glow naturally.

Ingredients You Need

  • Two tablespoons of Sugar.
  • One Tablespoon of Coconut Oil.
  • Few Drops of Essential Oil. (OPTIONAL)

What to do?

  • Take a bowl and mix all the collected ingredients in it.
  • Use this scrub on face gently to exfoliate your skin for a few minutes.
  • With lukewarm water wash your face.
  • At the end apply any moisturizer.
  • Follow this scrub once a week.

2. Tomato And Sugar Scrub

If tan makes your confidence low then this scrub is perfect for you. Tomatoes have a rich property of lycopene, work as an antioxidant. It helps the irritated skin to calm and also fights with free radical damage. Along with exfoliating, it is beneficial for treating hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

Ingredients You Need

  • All you need is half a tomato.
  • One tablespoon of sugar.

What to do?

  • Cut the half of a tomato and sprinkle a half tablespoon of sugar on it.
  • Rub gently on your face in a circular motion.
  • Rinse your face with plain water.
  • Or
  • Make a paste with tomato pulp and sugar.
  • Apply this paste on your face to exfoliate the skin.

3. Oatmeal And Honey Scrub

Oatmeal is a gentle exfoliating agent thus, as a scrub it can be used on all skin types Even you can use it on sensitive skin as well. With Honey, this scrub reduces inflammation and works as a good moisturizer to your skin. It also provides relief from irritated skin.

Ingredients You Need

  • 1 tablespoon of honey.
  • 2 tablespoon of oatmeal.

What to do?

  • Grind oatmeal to get a coarse powder. (Because it’s not going to become too powdery)
  • To make it soften add few drops of water.
  • Mix it with honey and apply this paste on your face to remove dead skin cells.
  • Do some gentle massage
  • Wash with water.

4. Honey Almond Scrub

If you want to give yourself a luxurious homemade treatment, then you have to try this Honey almond scrub. As we all know almonds are rich in vitamin E which gives nourishment to the skin and makes skin soft and supple. Almonds are the most commonly used ingredient, found in many beauty products due to its anti-ageing property. There are a number of homemade beauty recipes in which Almonds can be used and this scrub is also from one of those.

Ingredients You Need

  • 1 tablespoon of almonds.
  • 1 tablespoon of honey.

What to do?

  • Grind the almonds and add honey into it
  • Make a thick paste.
  • Apply this paste on your face as a mask
  • Once dry rub this mask with wet fingers after few minutes to remove dead cells.

5. Lemon And Sugar Scrub

This Scrub makes your skin refreshing and it is an excellent remedy for glowing skin in summer. This scrub helps you to reduce dark spot and pigmentation. As we all know lemon is not suitable for sensitive skin due to its acidic nature. So don’t use this scrub if your skin is sensitive.

Ingredients You Need

  • Half of a lemon.
  • 4 tablespoon of sugar.
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

What to do?

  • Squeeze a half lemon and mix with olive oil.
  • Add four tablespoon of sugar in this and make a thick scrub.
  • Apply this on clean skin.
  • Scrub gently on your face and rinse with clean water.

6. Honey And Papaya Scrub

Vitamin A in papaya rejuvenates the dull skin by removing dead cells and gives a glowing effect. Honey papaya scrub provides sufficient hydration to the Skin. Papaya also has an anti-ageing property which helps to reduce wrinkles and maintain skin elasticity.

Ingredints You Need

  • Half of tablespoon of oats powder.
  • One tablespoon of papaya.
  • One tablespoon of Honey.
  • Half tablespoon of olive oil.

What to do?

  • Blend the papaya with honey and oats.
  • Mix all the ingredients well and add a few drops of olive oil.
  • Make a paste and apply on the desired area.
  • Leave it to dry and remove with fingers
  • Wash with water

Apart from these scrubs, there are also many ingredients which may be used as scrubs such as green tea, Coffee, Banana, Chocolate, Coconut etc. These will also give you amazing results. We can also use salt as a scrub but personally I feel salt is harsher than Sugar, so I avoid using it on my face, but yes, it can work on my body and feet.

Taking care of urself is very important and the most needed …

Love Anika Khara 💗💗💗