LOSE WEIGHT NATURALLY… Tested and Best Ways To Weight Loss( 4 weeks challenge)…💗💗💗

By Anika Khara

Weight Loss is not an easy task. Yes, we all agree. But why it is so, It is actually not your body which is at fault. It is you your determination and dieting discipline you can observe weight loss in 4 weeks. Whatever the tips I am going to tell you to lose weight can only work if you implement them in your routine with determination and discipline. So I ask, don’t just read all these tips but apply them on your self.


If you want to lose weight, then you must need to cut your calorie intake. But How? it can be done easily by consuming protein daily. When you eat protein it reduces your hunger and you end up eating less. But it depends on your body weight that how much protein you need to lose weight. as per Nutritional Guidelines, you need 1.6 and 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram body weight.


  • Whole Eggs
  • Almonds
  • Greek yogurt
  • Milk
  • Broccoli
  • Chicken breast
  • Oats
  • Cottage cheese


A good body metabolism helps your body to burn calories even you are not doing any physical work. If the rate of metabolism in your body is correct, then your weight will not increase. Here are the tips to increase your body metabolic rate.

  • Include protein you each your meal
  • Try to drink cold water
  • Do a High-Intensity Workout
  • Lift Heavyweights
  • try to do work on standing
  • Drink Green Tea, or black tea twice a day
  • Eat Spicy Foods
  • Get a Good sound Night’s Sleep


To lose weight, it is most important to reduce the taste of sugar and starch. When you do this, your hunger level decreases and you eat very few calories. Now instead of making carbs for energy, your body starts eating stored fat. Another benefit of cutting sugar is that it lowers insulin levels, which causes your kidneys to shed excess sodium and water from your body. This reduces the weight of bloat and unnecessary water.


Going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week is the best option. Warm-up and lift some weight. By lifting weight, you will spend a lot of calories. Weights help you increase muscle mass while reducing the amount of body fat. If you do not want to lift weights then do cardio workout such as walking, running, cycling or swimming.


If you are also dreaming of weight loss while sitting at home, then the best way to detoxify the body is by consuming fruits. Whenever you go for a heavy meal, eat fruits 30 minutes before that. Also, if you want, you can eat fruits on an empty stomach. They are high in fibre and low in calories. Hence a very good option to satisfy your hunger while taking no more calories.


  • Grapefruit
  • Apples
  • Berries
  • Stone Fruits
  • Passion Fruit
  • Kiwifruit
  • Melons


It was found that if people eat a less amount of food 5 to 6 times a day instead of eating large meals in morning, afternoon and evening consumes 30% less calories. And if he is consuming the same amount of calories as he consumes three times, then by following this schedule, the body releases less insulin, which keeps your blood sugar accurate and you also feel less hungry.


Water is the most precious thing we have still we do not make use of it properly. Drinking water 15 minutes before every meal makes our body ready for a free flow. More importantly it reduces dehydration and detoxifies our body and make it ready for the meal.


Breakfast is the most important part of our every day’s meal. Healthy Breakfast helps us to start our day so that we have the energy to work all day. Even if you are late for the office, but do not ignore Breakfast. Make it a habit to have breakfast within 1 hour of waking up. By doing this your metabolism will remain update and you will also lose weight.


We should drink atlesdy 8 glasses of water everyday. We have all heard about this, but there are very few people who follow this thing. Also, those who follow also do not know what the right time to drink water is. Drinking water in between meals slows down digestion, which reduces the absorption of nutrients in the body. To increase the metabolism of the body, drink water 15 minutes before every meal and 30 minutes after every meal.

Hope this blog will be helpful…

Love Anika Khara 💗💗💗


 By Anika Khara

Being An Image And Fashion Consultant I even provide professional assessments and tune ups for clients LinkedIn profiles. I enjoy helping clients to make improvements to their LinkedIn profiles which in most cases is far easier and less painless than what most people think it will be.  A few of my observations after viewing hundreds of LinkedIn profiles:  

Many LinkedIn users created their profile years ago when they were in a rush to join LinkedIn and have never gone back to update and improve their profile. Your LinkedIn profile should be current and relevant.

There are too many examples of business professionals who don’t realize the importance of their profile photo. Suffice to say there are some really bad profile photos on LinkedIn and profiles without a photo nearly raises some suspicion. Many people don’t realize the importance of making their headline sound interesting or captivating.

Following are some Important tips I mostly suggest and use in creating a perfect and profitable profile.

Your LinkedIn Profile Photo

Your LinkedIn profile photo is one of the most important elements of your LinkedIn profile and should be considered to be your calling card. Research shows that just having a photo makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed by others. Your profile picture is your first chance to communicate that you are friendly, likeable, and trustworthy. 

Consider Using a Professional Photographer

I recommend that you use a professional photographer to take your headshot. A professional will make sure the lighting is flattering and that you are putting your best face forward. If you can’t afford to have professional photos done, you can still post a good quality photo. Remember to use a photo that looks like you.

Make sure your face takes up at least 60% of the frame.

Don’t be the person wearing sunglasses, hair all wind blown driving your speed boat. Outdoor photos are great but save them for your Facebook. Crop your photo from the top of your shoulders to just above your head so that your face fills the frame.

Add a background photo

Your background photo is the second visual element at the top of your profile page. It should complement your profession and get people’s attention. More than anything, the right background photo helps your page stand out, engage attention and stay memorable. If you have a super looking company logo, that can work wonders.  

Make your headline more than just a job title

Your headline is the MOST important part of your LinkedIn Profile. There is no rule that says the description at the top of your profile page has to be just a job title. LinkedIn gives you 120 words to describe how you see your role and what makes you special.  

Turn your summary into your story

I am always amazed at how many people still leave this field blank when creating their LinkedIn profile. Your summary is your chance to tell your story. No one really cares about how many job titles you have held. Your summary should: 

  • be client-focused
  • speak directly to your target market
  • be written in first person
  • include your chosen keywords
  • be up to 2000 characters in length
  • include rich media such as pdfs, videos or SlideShare presentations

Take time to make sure your potential connections know they’re in the right place and that you are the person who can help them with their specific problems.

List your relevant skills

Listing your skills is a quick win on LinkedIn – scroll through the list of skills and identify all of those that are relevant to you. Be careful to select the skills that really apply to you and your profession and not just click on a skill because it sounds good.

Grow your network

One of the easiest ways to grow your LinkedIn network is to sync your profile with your email address book. This enables LinkedIn to suggest people you could connect with. Beyond this, get into the habit of following up on networking, business meetings and conversations with LinkedIn connection requests. Doing so is a great way of keeping your network vibrant and up to date.

Take Time to Give Endorsements

Endorsements from other LinkedIn connections substantiate your skills and increases your credibility. Go through your network and identify connections who you feel genuinely deserve an endorsement from you – you will be surprised how many people return the favour. 

Write an Update or an Article in the Publications Section 

The Publications section is one of the most under-used elements in LinkedIn profiles. Writing an update or an article can showcase your authority and knowledge in your areas of expertise and help you stand out from the crowd.  

List your memberships and follow relevant influencers for your industry

Following influencers on LinkedIn helps to put a range of interesting content in your feed, which you can then share with others when you think it adds value. It also helps to give context to your LinkedIn profile, demonstrating your passion for what you do.

All to say, if you have a LinkedIn Profile, you want to make sure that it is current, typo free, professional looking and working to your advantage. If you are interested in getting an assessment done,  you can book a session @ Anikamadan@gmail.com

Plus Do Chk out Mine Too..

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By Anika Khara


I think of health about being more than what you eat and how much you exercise –

I call my three pillars move, munch and meditate. In my life, meditation doesn’t have to involve ommm-ing, it could be mindful colouring or maybe a walk. The important thing is to make time to relax to balance out all the go-go-go in our lives.

 Getting the glow changes how we look and feel and even how we think. I want to show you how eating well, moving more and calming down can make you feel happy to be you.

 I wasn’t always this healthy. In fact, as a teenager I ate really badly and was really overweight. My skin was dull, my hair was lank and I constantly complained of being tired. Unsurprisingly, living off diet cola and low-calorie ready meals meant I developed terrible digestive problems: bloating, cramps and all sorts.

Gradually, I realised I had to change my destructive ways. I learnt the art of healthy eating and started eating whole foods and found I was gradually falling in love with food, life, and most important of all, myself.

My taste buds bloomed, that 4pm energy slump was eliminated, my skin began to glow, calorie counting went out the window and I beamed from ear to ear. All that came from giving my body what it needs! It’s such a good feeling.

I studied nutrition, coaching people who wanted to eat well, and started creating my own glow-getting recipes.

 I want to show you how easy it is to eat good food, to stretch out and make time to relax. This isn’t a diet; getting the glow is a way of life. I love to see pictures of your recipe recreations and find out how you’re learning to glow from the inside out, so please do pop over to Instagram and say hi. @anikamkhara and @aashion.anika.

Love Anika Khara💕🌸💕


Don’t Just Make a Positive Impression, Make a Memorable Impression

 By Anika Khara

Making a positive impression is crucial, whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or going out on a first date. As an Image Consultant, I get asked a lot about how to improve self-confidence and project the right image, which are both key to making a good impression. However, as we all know, it’s those first impressions that mean everything.


It’s true. For this reason, many individuals come to me looking for advice on the best way to conduct themselves the first time they meet someone in a business environment.

While most of us have some ideas around how to make a good impression in a professional setting, we occasionally overlook certain details or ingrained habits. We might slouch, fidget with our phones, or let the conversation dry up to become an awkward silence.

How to Make a Positive Impression

The following points are what I consider the foundation to making a positive first impression.

  • Have a good posture. Stand tall, shoulders back, chest out, arms relaxed, feet firmly planted.
  • Dress appropriate to the occasion. Business casual or business formal with simple, but tasteful accessories.
  • Put your phone away. Paying more attention to your phone than the person sitting across from you suggests that they are not as important.
  • Smile and extend your hand when you first introduce yourself.
  • Ask questions of the person you are meeting for the first time. People love to talk about themselves, which makes this a great strategy for keeping the conversation going.
  • Offer your business card when appropriate, and tell this new contact what a pleasure it was to meet them. This shows that you valued your time with them and would like to connect again.

How to Make a Memorable Impression

Now, while making a positive impression is important, it is even better if you can make a memorable and lasting impression. Some simple suggestions on how to master this area to make an impact are:


In the world of first impressions, fashionably late doesn’t fly. Show that you respect others’ time. For every meeting or event you are invited to attend, you should always arrive 5-10 minutes early. If you are uncertain of the location, look it up in advance. Don’t leave it until you are flying out the door.


If it is your goal to meet certain individuals at an event or meeting you are attending, do your homework beforehand. We live in a digital world that allows us more insight into others’ lives than ever before. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google are valuable tools available at your fingertips. Do a little digging to find whatever information you think will help you feel more comfortable and confident in establishing a rapport with your new contact. What are their hobbies? Do they like to travel? Are they passionate about a cause? Find common ground that will allow you to strike up a conversion in a natural way.


Sometimes we can get so nervous about meeting someone new, we hide the parts of our personality that really make us shine. The next time you go to an important meeting or event, don’t forget to take your sense of humour with you. We live in a crazy hectic world, so sharing a laugh is always appreciated and it can help to reduce the stress of meeting new people.


If a person that you have just met has wowed you in some way – and hopefully you have wowed them in return — send them a short thank you note to say how much you enjoyed meeting them. If you plan to do future business with them, send them an LinkedIn invite to join your network. You can also call or send a text. This is important for doing business and maintaining relationships these days. It’s the little things that touch all of us, so don’t be afraid to let someone know how they have touched you.

I hope you find these tips useful the next time you find yourself mingling at an important event or meeting someone new, and want to make a memorable impression. If you’re looking for more personal insight on ways you can improve your image in order to grow your network and build your business, please remember I am here anytime you need me.

Anika Khara💖💖


By Anika Khara

While it is a good thing to be a kind, loving and generous person, we have to know when to draw the line between real niceties and clinging on to that behaviour to receive others’ love and validation. A lot of the time when we go overboard trying to please others, the behaviour is not genuine. Some people find themselves performing this kind of behaviour and holding such an attitude to remain a neutral party in their relationships. It’s a way to avoid conflict and controversy, because you will always concede to your partner, regardless of the situation. Rather than solving any problem, people-pleasing puts a false layer of harmony and order.

What Is People Pleasing In A Relationship?

People pleasing essentially as putting your partner’s needs ahead of your own. This can often mean you prioritise them and their feelings. You spend most of your time in the relationship looking after them, and neglecting yourself.

How Genuine Is A Relationship Based On People-Pleasing?

Being a people pleaser is not indicative of a relationship’s genuineness and authenticity. In such a relationship, there may still be genuine love and care present; it just means that one partner’s needs are not as highlighted.

How Can You Recognise This Behaviour?

As a person who is a people pleaser, recognising this behavior is about being reflective of what is playing out for them, and asking themselves if their needs are being met or not. If you suspect that your partner might be holding back, and not opening up much, you might want to check in and see how they’re feeling in the relationship.

What Are The Potential Harms To Your Relationship If You Do This?

Generally when there is a people pleaser in a relationship, there is bound to be some level of resentment or anger. This is because one partner’s needs are not being met and they are unable to be completely authentic with their partner. This can be very damaging to a relationship.

How Do You Overcome This?

Being able to overcome this comes with a lot of reflection. It’s important to stay mindful of your own needs, and identify what it is that might be holding you back from communicating these needs to your partner. It’s advised to explore themes like self-compassion, where you learn concepts and practices around acceptance and compassion towards the self. Also, it might help to delve into this people pleasing pattern with a therapist, and unpacking the history behind it in a safe, non-judgemental space.

Pleasing your own self first or in other words keeping yourself at the top priority is very important inorder to develop a positive and happy approach to anything in life or in any relationships you have..

Love Yourself

Anika Khara💖💖


By Anika Khara

Over the last few years, beauty tools have been all the hype for skincare enthusiasts – and rightfully so. Before, these devices used to belong at the facialist or at your dermatologist’s office, but now their at-home accessibility has gained more and more traction. With the latest advances in technology our complexions can achieve a salon-like glow in the comfort of our homes. But before investing in them, let’s get to know them better.

Jade and Steel Rollers

Jade rollers were probably the first tools to really start the hype of at-home skincare tools. Just apply your favourite serum or facial moisturiser and gently massage the tool over your face allowing for deeper penetration of the product and an equally calming massage. If you’re feeling fancy, leave the roller in the fridge and enjoy an even more relaxing cooling treatment!

Gua Sha

If you’re looking for a remedy to puffiness, but also a chiseled face and toned complexion, the gua sha is your tool. It is actually a traditional Chinese healing method used to stroke the skin and provide benefits that include lymphatic drainage, improved fine lines and wrinkles, and improved blood circulation. It is best to consult a professional before using one at home, to ensure you are using it correctly and reap maximum benefits! 

NU Facial Toning Device

This mini facial toning device may come at a higher price point, but it’s worth it. It uses micro-current technology to stimulate the facial muscles, working to tighten and tone, while simultaneously fighting signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles. Sessions can range from as little as five minutes to twenty, in order to see results almost immediately. It is best to apply a facial oil or gel beforehand, so the process is smooth!

Tinkle Razor (Derma-planing)

If you open Instagram or TikTok these days, you’re highly likely to come across an at home derma-planing tutorial. These easy to use tools are the magic answer behind baby soft skin. This fine blade is used to remove any hair or peach fuzz on the face, along with dead skin. The gentle exfoliation leads to smoother, brighter skin. But be careful before using it, be gentle and start with small portions…

Nurse Jamie Massaging Beauty Roller

This tool in particular is great for sculpting. Cheekbones, lifted jawlines, perfected eyebrows – you name it, this tool brings results. After applying your creams, the beauty roller can be used to massage the ingredients deeper into the skin, to achieve maximum benefits

Derma Roller

Dermarollers don’t sound like the most pleasant facial tool – a roller with miniature needles on it?! But it’s actually a great tool to combat issues like fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne scars, and helps achieve a glowing complexion. Unlike micro-needling procedures performed by a dermatologist, at-home derma rollers are significantly less scary and use much smaller needles, so you don’t need to worry! The rolling effect of the micro-needles over your skin stimulates collagen production and reduces puffiness, among other benefits. Just make sure your skin and the tool is properly cleansed before starting – as you should before using any other tool.

These at-home tools are a great way to take care of your skin, especially while we continue to quarantine/ social distance at home, and spend more time on self care. But before you go out and buy all these products it is important to consult a dermatologist and properly do your research beforehand, so that you know you’re using the right tool for your skin.

Self-love is the key remember 💖

Anika khara 💖

Self Care-Set Yourself Up For A Successful Week🌸

Tips To Set Yourself For A Successful Week

 By Anika Khara

We’ve recently addressed the importance of self-care to boost your career but self-care extends to anyone, career or not.  A balanced mind, body and spirit will make you more productive, help you focus and can impact your ability to be innovative. Self-care shouldn’t solely be a part of your emergency kit when you’re feeling burnt out but an established portion of your weekly or even daily routine.

Before you buy into the myth that it’s only self-care when you’re relaxing in a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine after a hard day of work, let’s clear things up. Self-care …

  • doesn’t equate to a full day of wellness. It’s tending to your body and mind to nourish yourself in whichever way you need it. Even a small act of self-care can help your overall well-being.
  • is not dependent on your performance or achievements. You always deserve to take care of yourself.
  •  is not selfish. The better you feel in your own skin, the more present you’ll be around others, ultimately affecting everyone around you in a positive way.

There are five types of self-care: emotional, social, physical, mental and spiritual self-care. Ask yourself what you need to feel more like yourself again and find out which type you’ll benefit from today. Do you feel disconnected and lonely? Call up a friend, hug your significant other or talk to a relative to nurture your social relationships. Do you feel tired, unfit or sluggish? Take a nap, go for a walk or cook a healthy meal to improve your physical well-being.

If your thoughts are racing and your mind feels restless, tend to your mental health by reading a good book, watching a movie or show or playing a game with loved ones. To improve your emotional health, try shifting your mindset by talking to a therapist or writing in your journal. The words we use when journaling or talking to ourselves have immense power over our personal and professional lives.

Rather than looking at all the things you didn’t cross off your to-do list, be proud of yourself for making it through yet another tough week. Try using positive affirmations to practice self-compassion. You can download a few positive quotes and pin the cards to your kitchen fridge, bathroom mirror or office bulletin board as daily reminders to be kind to yourself and keep going.

It may seem much easier to continue going through the motions and waiting for the next vacation to get some rest but if you regularly practice self-care and self-compassion, you’ll realize that life is much more enjoyable when you’re kind to yourself.

Love Yourself 🌸🌸

Anika Khara💖

Overcoming Failure.. 🌸👍

By Anika Khara

9 Ways To Overcome Failures

We all experience setbacks or obstacles in our personal and business lives, however it’s what we learn from our setbacks and failures that really propels us forward. 

While some leaders have the stamina and resilience to just pick up the pieces and move on after a failure, others find it very difficult to let go. Either way, the key to moving forward after a set back is to learn from what the adversity taught you about yourself and consciously apply that lesson to future situations. 

Here are 9 strategies that I have found helpful in overcoming set backs and failures on the path to success. 

1. Take Responsibility for your failures.
No one wants to fail but thinking that you will never fail is unrealistic. Taking responsibility for your part in a failure is an opportunity to learn and do better or different next time.

2. Take time to process a setback.
After experiencing a setback, recognize that you will need some time to process what just happened to you. There is no set amount of time to recover from a failure so don’t feel you have to rush the process. 

3.Give yourself a break and change it up.
Obsessing over your setback is only going to keep you stuck. Try to do something fun, go outdoors, take a break from social media and just give your mind a rest. It’s hard to rebound if you continue to stay focused on your setback.

4. Reflect with trusted colleagues and mentors.
When you’ve experienced a failure, ask a trusted colleague or mentor for their honest feedback. Good mentors will give you candid feedback, let you vent and provide the support and encouragement to help you take positive steps forward. 

5. Create contingency plans.
When making future decisions, think about the possible hurdles that will occur and plan for them. Being pro-active and having a contingency plan at the ready for when problems occur will help you immensely.

6. Determine what’s in your control.
Think about what you have under your own control. If you failed due to a lack of knowledge or skills, take a course or do some more reading to gain additional skills to position yourself for success in the future.

7. Try New approaches.
Be flexible and open-minded to trying new approaches. Some leaders become inflexible and overly cautious after a failure. Taking risks is necessary for leaders who want to succeed. Don’t insulate yourself or be fearful of making decisions, you will make more right ones than wrong ones.  

8. Be determined and optimistic.
Be sure to keep a positive outlook no matter how hard this may be. This is especially important if you are a leader. If your business stalls and your employees are fearful about losing their jobs, they will look to you for guidance and assurance that things will get better. 

9. Reframe and Reflect to stay on track.
I’ve coached numerous business leaders who keep notes and look back on them regularly as a way of keeping themselves on track so as not to repeat the same mistakes going forward. 

While setbacks and obstacles can derail us, they also are opportunities to look at a problem from a new perspective. Failures force us to learn and build confidence in our abilities and judgment. Many professional and personal break-throughs have been achieved after a failure has occurred. Persevering through setbacks will help you – and your organization – to continue to grow and prosper.

If you need assistance to move forward from a recent setback in your business or career, I can help you. Contact me for a courtesy consult.

Anika Khara🌸🌸

“AASHION” By Anika Khara ( Image and Fashion Consultant / Nutritionist / Trainer)

Anika Khara offers you Personalized Image Makeovers for all levels of corporate, academic, and creative individuals. We study the Company Image, Personality and Visual Resume of Corporate, Entrepreneurs and Students respectively. Through our systematic working approach, we gather the resources required to help you to project an appealing image and create meaningful associations.


My Image Consulting services help you to make a great first impression. Take your personal image on a next level that exudes confidence and professionalism.

Your personal image is the perception that people have about you. It affects your success in every aspect of your life. When a person meets you for the first time their brain makes several snap decisions about you in just 7 seconds.

This module covers the following elements about you: Your communication, appearance and digital presence.


Communication skills are some of the most important skills that you need to succeed in life. I help you gain a better understanding of your verbal and non-verbal communication. Learn to say what you want to say, in a way that nothing about you distracts your audience from receiving your valuable message.


Your personal style is the part of you that you can’t possibly hide. Do you look the part? I help you discover the power of your personal style that flatters your best features.

• Discover your body shape -Dress your shape with my gentle guidance. I on Image is a 100% female friendly company that values body positivity and freedom express oneself at any size and age.

• Discover your best colours and learn how to combine them.

• Improve your business attire: Increase your executive presence and project professionalism by dressing for the job or level you want. Put your best foot forward every single day at work.

• Outfit planning: Ready-to-go Mon-Fri outfits, holiday and business travel capsule wardrobes and going out looks.

• Save time & money and stop stressing about style for good. You deserve great style every day!

• Style advice for all sizes, ages, professions and budgets.

• Set your style intention and improve your image on the spot.


Your digital presence is a vital part of your personal brand because first impressions are often made online.

This module will help you to manage your digital presence on relevant online platforms, increase your visibility and help you to build a reputation that is fully aligned with your personal brand.


Along with communication, negotiation and motivation, business etiquette training, corporate etiquette training, business communication training, and body language training are an essential ‘soft skill’ that separates the leaders from the let behinds. With the globalization taking shape in almost every field of work of the international business etiquette its imperative to be in the forefront.

Proper corporate training development helps you get in tune with how you care for yourself, how your behaviour, tone of voice and actions affect others, and how can you avoid damaging valuable business relationships outside your company as well as within.


When you don’t wear and Uniform, you are more challenged in the industry to communicate professionalism to the world,
through your clothing and personal grooming. You won’t brag about your credentials but your choice of clothing, grooming and body language shall speak volumes about your attitude, professionalism and dedication towards your job.


What’s the fine art of communicating in business is it putting forward your words aggressively or throw buzzwords and
jargons to impress your clients/ colleagues. Or would you believe it is the fine art of balancing between speaking effectively and listening carefully?Fundamentals of business communication, Public Speaking, Tele and Net Communication are core fundamentals that we shall work upon.


Oscar Wilde’s famous line ‘The world was my oyster, but I used the wrong fork’. Knowing business dining etiquette
is a lot like a first date, you make an impression in the first go. You are equipped here with internation dining etiquette standards and protocols.


Cultural diversity in the workplace is inevitable. To stay competitive in our ever-changing business climate, cultural
competence and a global mind set are musts. A successful global executive is defined as someone who practices “chameleon management”


“Verbal communication tell, non verbal communication shows”. People tend to believe more of what they see than
they can hear. Improve your body language by understanding the faux pas you have been making all along.


Too busy to shop, or just don’t know what to pick up? With booming shopping malls and a variety of brands and trends to follow, shopping can be a bit of an overwhelming experience for some. We help take the stress of shopping away from you, wherein we offer you an option to hire a personal shopper and personal stylist who accompanies you or shops for you virtually within the gamut of this service.

Explore the various services we offer with Personal shopping


Custom made tours ideally designed post our Image Management session. Aimed at refreshing your wardrobe with key pieces keeping in mind your style, preference and budget.

Professional shopper assisting you in and around the city. Refer to our ‘Shopping tours’ packages to see what fits best in your itinerary.

Efficiently packing for your holidays can be taxing for a few. With social media in play you got to look your ravishing best in each photo without bulking up on the luggage.

Too busy to shop, or are too anxious with the idea of shopping, or are in another country wanting something from India. We’ve got you covered.

Sometimes, hiring a shopper last minute gets tricky. Dont worry, book a session and we shall be on Facetime, assiting you in the dressing room. This service can also be clubbed with ‘Buy for Me’ for Wedding Shopping.


Long before we are close enough to announce our presence, we project/ reflect important information about ourselves. By the time we meet and vocally converse we have already communicated volumes in an older much universal language. The Language of dressing, grooming and body language, the three pillars of Image Management/Consulting are far more persuasive than any spoken language.

We define and simplify the need for Image Management for every individual, by means of the following services.


My Online Services bring Image consulting & personal styling to your location. Personal image and style at your fingertips all over the world.

Appointments from the comfort of your own home, office, co-working space, cafe or during your commute.

Profit from flexible times and a lower rate. Schedule your call today. My image consulting and personal styling services are available via WhatsApp call or Zoom (video optional).


You will love my virtual image consulting and personal styling services if your style needs a boost:


• You have a job interview or you are working towards your dream job

• Attending conferences, workshops, meetings or trainings where you want to make a good first impression

• Joining a trade show or a sales event with your company and looking to make big deal

• Public speaking engagement where you want to look presentable and professional

• Business travel that requires polished day to night looks in a capsule wardrobe form that fits your luggage easily

• You have been promoted and you are adjusting to your new role – A great working wardrobe can help you to look more pulled together

• First day back at work after parental leave, sabbatical or sick leave and you are looking to make stylish comeback

• You are pregnant and need to adjust your business style to your growing bump


• Wedding – Always an unforgettable event where photos are typically taken

• Any big family event where you want to look amazing

• Holiday – Make memories in style

• Dating – Make a great first impression and put your best foot forward

• Going out with your partner/spouse/friends

• You are new in town and want to fit in

• You would like to start over – and I am here for you to step out in style!

• Expecting a baby and experiencing a whole new style challenge

• Attending a business event with your partner/spouse and want to look more presentable

This online image consulting and personal styling option is ideal for those who are short of time or live outside of hyderabad. It’s a popular add-on among my regular clients who want to consult between our face-to-face appointments.

“We approach each client with a personalised plan to help create their own unique look. Every step is carefully explained so they understand why some things work and others don’t. Everyone has a style and the potential to look amazing. We ensure that our clients stick to their unique sensibilities and at the same time dress to impress – create a strong impression and put their best foot forward”

Our Image Management services are branched to cater to individual and personal needs, corporate enhancement
by means of seminars and workshops and personal shopping.

We welcome you to the world of Image, where everything is catered to you, for you. A feel-good investment that shall last you a lifetime. 

It’s not what you wear it’s how you wear it!

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I really believe that surrounding ourselves with the right people can contribute to a happy and wholesome life. Friends and family need to be there for us in the same way that we need to be there for them – to support one another through the good times and the bad times. I’m also a massive believer in supporting one another woman to woman – we should build each other up not tear each other down – which is easy to forget in a world where we constantly compare ourselves to eachother on social media.  Here are 5 reasons every woman needs a tribe and how to find yours!

1. Sisterhood is a powerful force

In the old ages women did not enjoy the kind of freedom and independence we, as modern women, do today. Their survival depended on a strong bond with the women around them. They shared caring for babies, gathering and cooking food, they helped one another through child-birth, mourned together through death and cared for one another. They were a constant source of strength, support and comfort to one another on a daily basis.

However, just because we no longer need that strong sisterhood to survive in life, we do need it, it turns out, to thrive in life.

Study after study is starting to reveal that when women create strong bonds with other women it has a huge impact on their health and happiness and by own personal experience i have found that when women come together to share and support one another, it has a profound and often life-changing effect on them.

2. Close friends Boost your Immunity

It turns out that having strong female friendships is key to our health. A recent study revealed that for women in particular, it’s not just what we put into our bodies that is key to our health and happiness, but who we put around us. It was found that women who have close female friendships are staying happier and healthier as they age, and study after study has found that strong and nourishing friendships reduce our risk of disease by lowering blood pressure, heart rate, and cholesterol. Our female friendships literally have the power to help heal us.

3. Women go further when they have a tribe of women behind them.

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to have a tribe of women behind you, fully supporting and believing in you. What would that kind of support give you the courage to do? What would life feel like to be surrounded by women who loved you and had your back? Well that is what ‘Women Business Cult’ is all about. Women coming together to support one another and empower one another to create a life they love and enjoy the life they are living.

4.  Women Together Time creates the space for us to stop. Let go. And breathe.

In today’s fast-paced world where women on average get 36 minutes of down-time a day (or 17 minutes if you’re a mother), sister circles offer women a chance to stop for a moment as life whizzes by. To take a step back and breeeeeathe. It’s a  chance to check in with yourself and ask ‘How am I doing…really?’ and have other women bare witness to your answer. It’s a chance for you to do what women generally aren’t very good at doing: listening in to your needs and your dreams and making sure that you are doing what you can to have those needs met and bring those dreams to life.

5. As women our souls crave the connection and belonging that comes from sisterhood

When we connect deeply with other women, we connect deeply with ourselves. Opening ourselves up and sharing the things that are close to our hearts creates a space of shared vulnerability that leads to deep connection – the thing that we all, as human beings, crave more than anything.

And having the experience of being heard and supported by other women is a deep rooted need that all women have. It unlocks our power and potential as individuals and collectively. When you experience the undivided love, support and attention of a group of women who are fully present to you in that moment, you are reminded not only of who you truly are but of what we are capable of as women when we stand together and support one another.

As the co founder of Women Business Cult i would love to quote this “The world will be set free by women who are free. Sisterhood is the key”.


Love Anika khara 🌸💕🌸

Protect Yourself. Ways To Be Aware and Protect yourself from getting Covid-19

Important Ways to Slow the Spread

* Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth to help protect yourself and others.

* Stay 6 feet apart from others who don’t live with you.

* Get a COVID-19 vaccine when it is available to you.

* Avoid crowds and poorly ventilated indoor spaces.

* Wash your hands often with soap and water. Use hand sanitizer if soap and water aren’t available.

Wear a mask

Everyone 2 years and older should wear masks in public.

Masks should be worn in addition to staying at least 6 feet apart, especially around people who don’t live with you.

If someone in your household is infected, people in the household should take precautions including wearing masks to avoid spread to others.

Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before putting on your mask.

Wear your mask over your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin.

Fit the mask snugly against the sides of your face, slipping the loops over your ears or tying the strings behind your head.

If you have to continually adjust your mask, it doesn’t fit properly, and you might need to find a different mask type or brand.

Make sure you can breathe easily.

Masks are required on planes, buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation traveling into, within, or out of the country in Transportation hubs such as airports and stations.

Stay 6 feet away from others

Inside your home: Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

If possible, maintain 6 feet between the person who is sick and other household members.

Outside your home: Put 6 feet of distance between yourself and people who don’t live in your household.

Remember that some people without symptoms may be able to spread virus.

Stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arm lengths) from other people.

Keeping distance from others is especially important for people who are at higher risk of getting very sick.

Get Vaccinated

Authorized COVID-19 vaccines can help protect you from COVID-19.

You should get a COVID-19 vaccine when it is available to you.

Once you are fully vaccinated, you may be able to start doing some things that you had stopped doing because of the pandemic.

Avoid crowds and poorly ventilated spaces

Being in crowds like in restaurants, bars, fitness centers, or movie theaters puts you at higher risk for COVID-19.

Avoid indoor spaces that do not offer fresh air from the outdoors as much as possible.

If indoors, bring in fresh air by opening windows and doors, if possible.

Wash your hands often

Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds especially after you have been in a public place, or after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.

It’s especially important to wash:

Before eating or preparing food

Before touching your face

After using the restroom

After leaving a public place

After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing

After handling your mask

After changing a diaper

After caring for someone sick

After touching animals or pets

If soap and water are not readily available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Cover all surfaces of your hands and rub them together until they feel dry.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

Cover coughs and sneezes

If you are wearing a mask: You can cough or sneeze into your mask. Put on a new, clean mask as soon as possible and wash your hands.

If you are not wearing a mask:

Always cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, or use the inside of your elbow and do not spit.

Throw used tissues in the trash.

Immediately wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not readily available, clean your hands with a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

Clean and disinfect

Clean high touch surfaces daily. This includes tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, and sinks.

If someone is sick or has tested positive for COVID-19, disinfect frequently touched surfaces. Use a household disinfectant product. Disinfectants for Coronavirus (COVID-19)external icon according to manufacturer’s labeled directions.

If surfaces are dirty, clean them using detergent or soap and water prior to disinfection.

Monitor your health daily

Be alert for symptoms. Watch for fever, cough, shortness of breath, or other symptoms of COVID-19.

Especially important if you are running essential errands, going into the office or workplace, and in settings where it may be difficult to keep a physical distance of 6 feet.

Take your temperature if symptoms develop.

Don’t take your temperature within 30 minutes of exercising or after taking medications that could lower your temperature.

Be Safe and Be Aware.

Hope this blog will be useful.

Anika Khara🌷🌷

Breathing Techniques To Assist in Covid-19 Recovery.

As your immune system fights against the virus, your lungs and airway become inflamed and swell, and this can make breathing difficult, even in a relatively mild case.
People who develop more serious cases of pneumonia can experience their lungs filling with fluid and mucus, and this makes it hard to breathe deeply enough to get the amount of oxygen your body needs. Even as you recover from Covid-19, the respiratory effects of the disease can linger for weeks or months as the lungs heal.

While specific breathing techniques can’t prevent the coronavirus, they can provide some relief and aid in the recovery process.

The following is a series of four specific techniques that anyone who is experiencing the effects of the coronavirus or any other respiratory distress can safely use. These techniques will provide you with tools to improve your breathing muscles and efficiency and hopefully allow you to breathe more comfortably.. I have added the links to the tutorials of these exercises, pls do watch for a better understanding.

1. Belly breathing (lying face down)⁠
2. Side-lying back mobilization⁠
3. Loosening fluid in the lungs⁠
4. Assisted coughing⁠

1. Belly Breathing (Lying Face Down)

Lying on the belly when recovering from an illness that affects the lungs helps with drainage and moves fluid to a position where it can be expelled easier with coughing. Belly breathing can help cue deep breaths into the lower lobes of the lungs and work on the efficiency and strength of the diaphragm and other respiratory muscles. Adding timed cyclic breathing can help challenge these muscles further as well as promoting a calm state in the nervous system.
Perform 2 minutes of quiet belly breathing followed by 3 – 5 cycles of the following: 8 seconds inhale through the nose, 5-second hold, 10 seconds slow exhale through the mouth…. Link :https://youtu.be/ncqJsw0T_UA

2. Side-Lying Back Mobilization

This exercise can help improve the way the chest moves and decrease the restrictive feeling that often follows periods of illness, immobility, or prolonged time in one position. This position is gentle and easy for most people to incorporate. Perform 3-5 repetitions on each side with 3️ breaths per repetition…. Link : https://youtu.be/cRxn1pK7NHQ

3. Percussion

After working on postural drainage and breathing, another way to help get the junk moving up and out of the lungs is to perform gentle percussion. Make sure to face away from the person performing the percussion, don’t use too much force, and repeat the sequence 3 – 4 times on each side…. Link: https://youtu.be/y4TDNaIWoBI

4. Assisted Coughing

After finishing percussion discussed in the previous video, coughing is a great way to tie all of the previous techniques together. Since the diaphragm and other breathing muscles are a little weaker, you can benefit from this self-assistance technique.
Try timing the assistance with the exhale and don’t push too hard. This is supposed to be gentle help – not the Heimlich. You can modify this position by holding a pillow up against your belly if it’s more comfortable. Spit out any junk you cough up into a tissue and throw it away. As always – make sure you wash your hands! Link: https://youtu.be/pqE_2zI9xGA

If you or someone you know has been affected by the coronavirus and is experiencing symptoms of reduced lung capacity and difficulty breathing, along with seeking medical care and advice from your physician, we encourage you to gently practice these techniques at home. These techniques aren’t meant to take the place of medical care, and they won’t necessarily keep the virus from progressing, but if breathing is difficult, we hope that these exercises will help you feel more comfortable and assist in your recovery.

If you have any questions or would like more assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out, I would love to talk with you!

Anika Khara🌷🌷